As a brand-new restaurant, this client required brand awareness to generate diners as fast as possible. Having come to us three days before their launch night and letting us sample some of their delicious dishes, we aimed to give Mumbai Village the exposure it deserved, and quick.


As we believe it is the most prolific platform, Facebook is recommended for all clients. This client was also recommended the pictorial platform of Instagram as success on social-media for the restaurant industry is extremely visually orientated. While establishing Instagram content, we got to work on Facebook. Knowing that one of the quickest methods of advertising a particular product or event is to implement a competition, we designed artwork offering two tickets to the restaurant’s V.I.P launch. After publishing the post and promoting it to frequent restaurant goers in the area, engagement went through the roof. We then live-streamed the launch night, sending a real-time video of its roaring success to the top of likers’ timelines.


As expected, each of the competition winners left great reviews on the client’s Facebook page, which is arguably paramount to social-media marketing. After the initial boom of interest this business received through the launch night’s social-media coverage, the restaurant now averages one or two bookings a day through Facebook’s messenger app. Offers posted online continue to generate phone bookings, and page likes and comments maintain a steady organic increase. We are very pleased to say that we are now managing Mumbai Village’s Liverpool branch.

Word from client

“Signing up for one of Copper Top Digital’s packages was one of the best business decisions we ever made. Getting the word out there regarding our offers and promotions has never been easier. We can always count on them to get customers through the door.”