This client came to us requiring more commercial clients.


To meet this client’s objective, we had to curate a very defined audience to target using FacebookAds, consisting of mainly business owners. For actual content, we began by sharing some of the current online conversation in the industry, and designing colourful and stylish adverts that really conveyed the brand’s ethos. This company has a really strong relationship with its customers and tends to receive great feedback. We know that 51.9% of marketing professionals name video as the content medium with the best ROI, and we’d learnt in our research period for this client that customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing tactics by 89% of B2B marketers. Based on these figures, we arranged for videography to be taken of the client’s machinery at work on a particular job, then created a promotional video to attach the relevant customer’s testimonial to.


This client is now receiving a steady flow of new inquiries through social-media and has seen their website traffic increase more each month since coming on board with us. Notably, this client no longer pays for SEO but their website is still at the top of search results.

Word from client

“Since getting on board with Copper Top Digital, we’ve seen a rapid increase in online engagement with potential clients, and a steady increase in leads. They’ve certainly made us much more available to our audience. If you’re a busy business owner, having Copper Top Digital manage your social-media is a no brainer.”