This client was pointed in our direction as they were in need of a continuous yet affordable way of advertising their M.O.T tests and services.


Having recently changed location, this client initially needed basic exposure. For this, we created artwork for competitions offering people the chance to win a free service or a free M.O.T test, resulting in the client’s page being shared by over 300 people. But to achieve a steady flow of returning customers, this client needed more than just brand awareness. Understanding that people are generally quite loyal to their preferred garage due to the odd experience with a cowboy mechanic, we posted the company’s industry certificates to their Facebook page, reassuring potential customers. In a trade riddled with such scepticism, we wanted to showcase all of the great things this company does for their community. We arranged for one of our photographers to cover the garage’s ‘scout night’, where the mechanics teach a group of scouts skills such as how to change a tyre and check the oil in a car. The post we made from this created a lot of engagement, reaching over 5,000 people in the garage’s surrounding area.


After four weeks, this client notified us of an increase in new customers and M.O.T test sales. Since then, many of those customers have returned for other services, indicating that their page is sourcing ideal clientele.

Word from client

“We can’t vouch for Copper Top Digital enough. The common misconception “If you want something doing right- do it yourself” certainly doesn’t apply here. We simply don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to do what they do every day for us. Whenever we acquire a new service to offer, within a week of letting the team at Copper Top know, we have customers coming into our garage asking for it.”