This client came to us requiring more business outside of the current trading area.


After uploading copies of this company’s industry certificates to their social-media, we had their Facebook page verified- this, next to page likes and interaction, is paramount in instilling consumer confidence on Facebook. When promoting the posts that we created for this client, using FacebookAds, we manually excluded all of the already-infiltrated areas so that no paid ads were wasted on people already aware of the brand.


This client benefits greatly from commenting and tagging features on social-media. The adverts we designed for them were targeted to a very interactive demographic, who often  comment inquiries on advertisements, or tag associates in need of the relevant services. As a result of this, this client receives up to five leads a week from social-media.

Word from client

“We were initially sceptical about the power of social media for business, but Copper Top Digital have proved us wrong time and time again. Gone are the days of cash flow problems. Now, we just let them know what we want to sell and they get to work promoting it. It’s fantastic.”