This client is particularly dear to us because taking on Esteem’s social-media was where Copper Top Digital’s journey began.  This client uses Facebook to network with potential clients and to advertise current clients. When we began work for them, they were very driven to increase Twitter followers, Facebook page likes and engagement in particular areas in Yorkshire, as to reach more people and thus add more value to their services.


Given that this client chose one of our larger packages, we set out a plan of action to take advantage of the wide range of subjects a lifestyle magazine covers, in relation to current online trends. With a demographic interested in many different things, to not only gain followers but retain them, we had to find a way to keep every follower engaged. We began by following online trends daily and studying the client’s page analytics to decipher followers’ key interests and behaviours.


This client invested heavily in FacebookAds and competition prizes, reaching up to 300,000 people with a single post and causing their online presence to grow at speeds as fast as 2,700 page likes in a week. Within five months, Esteem Magazine had the largest social-media following of any A4 lifestyle magazine in Yorkshire, and still does, with over 14,000 Facebook page likes and over 10,000 Twitter followers- no doubt those figures will have grown in the time you’ve read this page. Esteem is a local magazine with a mainly female demographic aged 30-65. Of Esteem’s current likers and followers, 83% live within the areas of distribution, 85% of those people are female and 79% are aged between 30-65. With all of these selling points, this client now averages between £8-£10K in business per (quarterly) magazine, purely from social-media.

Word from client

“We’ll never go back to doing our own social media! We honestly look back on it and laugh. We were struggling to acquire new followers at the pace we wanted to until we passed everything over to Copper Top Digital. Now we’re on almost 16,000 followers, growing at an average of 300 a week. Says it all, really.”