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Get to know the close-knit creative marketing dream team.


Get why we’re called Copper Top Digital now? Victoria is an energetic and passionate social-media specialist with a degree in English and a keen eye for design and online trends. She used to work as a marketing executive for Esteem Magazine, so she also has an excellent understanding of the world of advertising. She manages all of our clients’ FacebookAds and oversees everything that goes on at Copper Top HQ, so there’s never any content posted to a client’s page that hasn’t gone through her first.

Loves: Dancing and sunshine.
Hates: Nuts and post-bath pruney fingers.


Graphic Designer

Joe is the most recent addition to the Copper Top Team, and his cheerful enthusiasm for the business has never failed to brighten up the office since he arrived. He has a real knack for switching up his design style to fit each client’s aesthetic- however, until joining us, graphic design was just a long-term hobby of Joe’s. Having worked as the deputy manager of a large restaurant for seven years, he has a great understanding of customer buying patterns. This, combined with his design talents, makes Joe the ideal marketer.

Loves: The Cheeky Girls and crisps.
Hates: Wearing socks.



Gill is the lady who somehow gets everything in order while keeping the office entertained. Not only is she full of one liners, she also manages to speed through admin, correspond with clients and send out invoices. We don’t know what we’d do without her!

Loves: Wine and dancing.
Hates: Beetroot and bad manners.


Office dog

Rufus is a pretentious human trapped in the body of an oversized Bichon Frise. He often gives oddly expressive looks such as his classic judgmental side-eye but nonetheless, loves a good dog treat.


Loves: Getting extra muddy on walks.
Hates: Going through doorways (his fear).


Office Pup

Bella is a cheeky Bichon Frise X Miniature Poodle, or Mini Poochon, if you may. Typically, she enjoys coming over for cuddles then running away and squaring up to huge dogs then running away.

Loves: Sitting on the driver’s lap in the car.
Hates: When Rufus gets attention, toys or food.

Our Story

Copper Top Digital has its roots firmly in the world of marketing and advertisement, as the company was born at Esteem Magazine HQ; home of the most distributed free A4 magazine in England. One day, the external company that managed Esteem’s social-media suddenly abandoned ship. After this apparent mishap, Victoria took over Esteem’s online presence. It wasn’t long until Esteem had hit 10,000 likes on Facebook and 9,000 followers on Twitter. These successes prompted Victoria and Neil, the director of Esteem, to launch their own social-media marketing company; Copper Top Digital. The name makes more sense when you meet Victoria.

It took countless late nights of trawling through social-media management articles and studying online marketing books, many uber-expensive training courses and help from some very tech-smart friends- but within four months, Copper Top Digital had over twenty clients and over ten on their waiting list. We were rocking. Every business we spoke to loved our down-to-earth attitude and experienced approach to business.

Since then, Copper Top Digital have hired fantastically talented staff to develop the services we offer and to assist growth. We still have a 100% client retention rate and each and every one of our clients have seen a return on their investment. If you like our story and you feel that your business could do with more of an online presence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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