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Photography & Videography

We often carry out event and food photography and always grab a few business snaps when visiting clients. It’s a very visually stimulated world we live in, so we put a lot of our efforts into capturing good imagery.

Graphic Design & Video Editing

When we’re not capturing imagery, we’re creating it. We have a fantastic and ever-tightening grasp of the sort of content different demographics engage with online, and we can create as much of it as you’d like. Whether you need a promotional video, artwork for an offer or you’re not really sure what it is you need- we’ve got you covered.

Facebook Advertising

We hate to see small business owners dwindling money on Facebook boosting when there is so much more value in FacebookAds. We understand that this can be very challenging, and that’s why FacebookAds services are included in all of our packages. With it, we are able to target the adverts we create for you to people of a specific gender, age and location with specific interests, behaviours and income, at specific times of the day. We have been highly trained in FacebookAds and we use it to its full potential. Have us attach trackable buttons to your posts that send people directly to your website, amongst many other great services.

Follower Interaction

It’s not enough to simply post on social-media. Replying to comments is absolutely necessary to humanise your brand and in doing so, we create a trusting relationship between your company and your audience. The Texas Tech University recently published a report that stated, “brands that engage on social-media enjoy higher loyalty from their customers.” We firmly agree with this, and that’s why we actively engage with our clients’ potential customers through follower interaction.

Social-Media Analytics

We analyse all of our clients’ data regularly and meticulously, keeping a particularly close eye on the increase of likers, followers, reach (how many people have seen your brand), page views and engagements. Each month, we send out a summary of this data to our clients and we’re happy to discuss anything they don’t fully understand in our monthly meetings or over the phone.

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